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2023 SEASON!


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Meet the Oswald family and their next door neighbor Lee Harvey! They've formed a band and are  touring with their special blend of sixties hits and their own brand of wacky comedy!

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Were you a fan of the old Ohio Theatre Nightclub "Fantasia"? In this hilarious new musical, a group of "Fantasia Fans" are throwing a party featuring the music from the 70's & 80s.


Audience members are transported back to the days of flappers, speakeasies and bathtub gin. Guests enjoy delicious food, a Vaudeville show, and murder! Whodunnit? You'll just have to join us to find out!

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When a theatre company is putting on a crazy farce, things are bound to go wrong! Kate and Joe run a struggling Bed & Breakfast, but they get more than they bargained for when a bus breaks down near their hotel and strands a merry bunch of misfits, including a squabbling British couple, an inept gangster and his ditzy sidekick, two wacky nuns, an Arabian sheik, and a news reporter who thinks Kate and Joe's handyman, might secretly be Elvis! 

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Dusty's Dixie Dancehall is a fictional honky tonk located on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. A group of unlikely patrons show up at the bar one evening, and learn they all have more in common than they first thought.  Dusty's Dixie Dancehall features songs such as "Love Wanted", "Old Friends", "Tafetta Memories", "Dance Your Troubles Away" and "Buford Blues" !

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An annual tradition! A musical evening of hilarious and heartwarming holiday cheer!



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