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Avante Garage Theater Company Los Angeles

The Avante Garage Theatre Company is having auditions for our next production "Fatal Follies of '27" an audience participation murder mystery.


Auditions for this show will be on Saturday MAY 20th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Singers should be prepared to sing acapella. ALL actors must be comfortable with improvisation. The roles we are casting are:

Fatal Follie’s Cast of Characters


FLORENCE RANDALL - Female - Judge’s Wife. (sings) 40’s-50’s


RUDY BAXTER - Female Musician in Male Drag 30s-50’s (sings and would love to have a banjo player)


FINGERS MCGEE - Male - Piano Player (sings) (Any age)


LESTER “TAPS” THOMPKINS - Male - African American 

Drummer (sings)


CARLOTTA “LOTTIE” CASSIDY - Female - Vaudeville Performer (Must sing & dance) 20’s


DR WATSON - Male - Professor/Amateur Detective 30s-50’s


TOMMY ROBBINS - Male - Vaudeville Performer (must sing & dance) 20’s - 30’s


MR HOLMES - Male - Theatre Manager 40’s-60’s


MADELINE CARTWRIGHT - Female - Silent Film Star  (must sing a little) 40’s- 60’s


HELGA THE HUNGARIAN - Zaftig Female Entertainer (Must Sing) 30’s-40’s


SWEETIE - Female - African American Wardrobe Lady (singer) 30’s-50’s


DELILAH DANDRIGE/DELUXE GALORE - Female - Socialite/Call Girl 20’s-30’s


ROCKY ROSE - Male - Pro Baseball Player 20’s- 30’s


DOG FACE DONAHUE - Male - Idiot Gangster 30’s-50’s


MAUREEN PARKER - Female - Gangster’s Moll (the real boss) 30’s - 50’s

Please sign up for a 10 minute time slot below. 

Performances are JULY  13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22,  with possible extension on 27, 28,  in the evenings. We generally  rehearse Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Monday and Tuesday evenings, and every night during production week.

There is some pay.  Avante Garage! is a non-Equity Theatre Company.

*Also if you cannot make the audition, PLEASE let us know by cancelling your appointment, or emailing us so another person can take your spot. Please do not be a "no show"!

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